We work with Alex frequently to get aerial photos for real estate listings. He is always responsive and easy to work with, with quick turn-around times and an outstanding end product. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Travis Bashore

We hired Alex to photograph a vacant land property we had in Ohio. He responded quickly to our inquiry and provided a very reasonable quote for the service. The project was completed on time, and the results were great. Any time we have property in the area I won't think twice about calling Brennaman Aerial Services again.

Chris Kinny

After several vendors, our department reached out to Alex to add a UAV to our fleet. He was knowledgeable about the devices and upfront with the services he provided. He was able to provide us with quotes on different UAVs, as well as provide information on what would best fit our needs. He was able to get us quotes same day. We have since added two UAVs to our fleet, both through Brennaman Aerial Services. Highly recommend.

Springfield Police Division

I recently became interested in a recreational drone for use as my house was being built. In doing my own research I was between two models of the DJI. After talking to Alex and going over the intended and future uses I was planning, he directed me to what I best describe as the "best bang for the buck". Once I decided on the model I wanted, I had it in just a few days. I would recommend Brennaman Aerial Services for anyone looking to purchase a drone.

Ronald Hess

We contacted Alex about adding Drones to our fleet . Alex went above and beyond on sharing his knowledge about several options we have been considering and was very helpful in following up on shipping and ordering. Thanks for all your help.

Mike Holcomb DP&L

Alex ordered me a DJI Mini 2 and I love it. We live in the country and I have flown this over 30 acres without any issues. The camera quality is outstanding. I'd never order this from any online retailer because of the support provided by Brennaman Aerial Services.

David Becker

Alex Brennaman is a very professional business man. All members of his team are experienced licensed pilots. Brennaman Aerial Services has done over 50 surverys for our company in a multiple state area - OH, IN, KY and MI. The organization has been a solid partner to work with, providing exactly what we have requested, been flexible, and we highly recommend Brennaman Aerial Services.

Xiber LLC

White Drone

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